20 Best Colorful Succulents for an Awesome Gift

I used to have a really hard time whenever I had to choose a gift because I took it way too serious… Well, no one wants that their gift to be thrown away, forgotten or changed with another. Then one day, I had given a little succulent at a wedding I attended. See where it brought me to?

Succulent plants make a great gift! They are unique living creatures which have various species with ranging colors from green to lilac. They do not require much care; they are effortlessly beautiful. And also allow you to show your creativity. Pairing up succulents with colorful pots and with each other is so much fun!

Low maintanence and low cost together makes the perfect gift.

There are countless combinations of ever so many kinds of succulents, you will never get bored to pick up and give them to your beloved ones as a present or as a souvenir of your special occasion. Before sharing my “best of” list with you, I want to be clear with a couple of points that everyone would agree on.

A Good Care is Crucial

Don’t you also prefer a living plant over a flower bouquet? Besides, knowing that it will not be withered or faded every time you forget to water it…

Succulents are so popular! Because unlike many other houseplants, you don’t have to show a great effort to keep them alive and healthy. They will be looking good weather you go on a long vacation or neglect them when life gets too busy.

Succulents store water inside their leaves since they are originated from desert climates. That makes succulent plants hardy for hot and dryness.

But of course, it doesn’t mean that succulents do not want any attention just
because they are able to survive tough situations. It’s a good idea to give a
brief information about succulent care before you hand the plant to your
friends and family who are just about to meet their new addiction. For example what about a hand-written info card?


Nothing more a succulent adore than the sunlight. That is what makes them bright and shiny.

If your succulent gets adequate direct light during the day, the more
intense leaves they will have. Moreover, the succulents I picked for you have very different colors, which is a result created by the sunlight. So the light means gorgeous colors for them.

The best place in your home would be the window sill facing to the Southern direction so that the succulents could get the light directly from morning to the evening.


Loving your succulent too much might end up in a sad way. They need some space. Watering a succulent too frequently is the only thing that will be really hard to recover for it.

Succulents should be watered just enough. Once they get all the moisture they want, for a really long time nothing more they will need.


If you are preparing a gift from head to toe, make certain that you choose a proper type of soil which does not hold the water inside and a good draining pot with holes on the bottom.

Overwatered and compacted soil will keep the roots moistured and prevent them to breathe. It would be heartbreaking to learn that your present is rotten in a brief time. We don’t want that to happen…


It is super easy to propagate succulents if they are not already propagated by themselves from the offset. Sharing instead of buying is the best way to give and get new succulents all the time.

Go to my succulent propagation guide if you want to reproduce your succulents from the leaves or cuttings.

You Have More Than Enough Options

Once you start to search for it, you see how many diverse families and how
many species the succulents have. 

1. Echeveria Black Prince

Black Prince is one of the darkest echeverias. It has large and fleshy leaves coloring from green to a dark plum purple. When grown in the bright sun the leaves get even darker. They are usually around 15-20 centimeters.

2. Echeveria Perle Von Nürnberg

This echeveria is maybe the most beloved succulent type. The degrading color of it changes to a greyish lilac in the middle. Width changes between 10 to 15 centimeters or more. And it blooms in the coral pink shade once a year in the summertime.

3. Graptosedum Verra Higgins

This succulent is very cute with its small fatty leaves in bronze-red color. It can grow up to 10 centimeters and easily propagates by its own. It will have pink flowers if cared well.

4. Sedum Nussbaumerianum ‘Coppertone’

This one has a very unique color for a succulent plant. Its green leaves get copper shade on the tips. If you expose this species plenty of sun, the copper color will be more intense. Put it under a partial or full sun.

5. Sedum Red Stem

This type of the sedums has the best dark red color ever. It looks so good especially planted with a few other types of succulents. It creates a pop of a color in the cluster.

6. Kalanchoe Tomentosa ‘Panda Plant’ 

Panda Plant (or KALANCHOE TOMENTOSA) gets its name from the dark stains it has at the margins. Fuzzy, long leaves of this plant look like rusted. It should be protected from cold very carefully. 

7. Haworthia ‘Zebra Plant’

White stripes covering the dark green slender leaves of Zebra Succulent are what makes it one of a kind. It can reach up to 10 centimeters high and 20 centimeters width. Haworthia is quite sensitive to cold and humid.

8. Senecio Mandraliscae ‘Blue Chalk Sticks’  

A very unusual kind, Blue Chalk Sticks explain itself by its name. Blue-grey long fingers facing upwards gives this succulent a strange attractive vibe. It’s a bit larger than the other succulents I mentioned before but also a low maintenance one.

9. Crassula Ovata Coral

This miniature succulent is such a beauty seeming like it comes from the deep seas. It has interesting tubular leaves that have a coral tint on the tip. It is growing around only 5-7 centimeters. One great houseplant!

10. Echeveria Nodulosa

Echeveria Nodulosa looks so exotic with the curvy leaves that have red marks on dark green shade. It should be cared like as the other echeverias. They like lots of sunlight but it is good to be careful about not to let it burn the leaves.

11. Sedum Angelina

Sedum Angelina covers all the surface of the soil with the bright yellow-green colored spinny shaped leaves. It is so much appealing low plant because of this shiny shade of green.

12. Sempervivum Calcareum

The large and evergreen rosettes of Sempervivum Calcareum have pointy thick leaves that are reddish on the tip. This species has a tendency to replicate itself and colonize on the surface of the soil.

13. Aloe Blue Elf

Aloe veras are very large succulents that are perfect as a home visit gift. Blue Elf has blue-gray leaves look great throughout the year. And it gives really pretty orange blossoms in early spring. Sometimes the plant reaches to 45 centimeters. 

14. Lithops

These little weird guys are known as “living stones” because of their resemblance of pebbles. They are in every color and every pattern, it looks amazing when a bunch of lithops comes together in a pot.

15. Sempervivum ‘Jeanne d’ Arc.’

Also called “Hens and Chicks”, this type of the sempervivums are very large sized succulents with vivid red shades from dark to light. If it is exposed to bright direct sunlight, it gets the best red colors in every shade. Sempervivums are usually loved because they are easy to care both indoors and outdoors.

16. Crassula Rupestris ‘Baby’s Necklace’

“Baby’s Necklace” is a small ornamental succulent that named after its leaves that seemed like the beads of a necklace. Little extensions of leaves are usually greyish-green with rose blushing edges

17. Kalanchoe Luciae ‘Paddle Plant’

The leaves of Paddle Plantare in rosettes, big, thick, flat and rounded with reddish edges. It gives a beautiful yellow flower during spring. Approximately 20 centimeters high plant has a 60-70 centimeters long of a flower.

18. Crassula ovata ‘Hummel’s Sunset’ or ‘Sunset Jade’

Jade Plants are believed that they bring luck to one. So what is a better gift than that? This native South African plant is no wonder why very commonly cared at homes. I have to tell that it’s my first choice as a gift all the time.

19. Aloe Nobilis ‘Gold Tooth Aloe’

Another kind of aloe vera with neon green leaves, Aloe Nobilis is an odd looking plant because of the spined leaves that it has. Triangular spines on the edges make the leaves seem like they have teeth.

20. Senecio Haworthii ‘Cacoon Plant’ or ‘Wooly Senecio’

Cacoon Plant has its dreamy color because of the little white hairs covering all the surfaces of its leaves. Freezy grey shade is giving the plant a very unique icy look. But do not let it stay in cold; it is a succulent despite its frosty leaves.

Succulents Have Sentimental Value

Succulent plants carry a life that reminds you to the person you give it as a present. Having this plant at their home means that one part of you is always with them. Succulents give a great excuse to them to call you whenever their plant blooms!

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