Where to Buy Succulents Online?

Succulents are the best kind of addiction. You start with only one, but it’s impossible to stop. One becomes two, two becomes three. All of a sudden, you are a succulent addict!

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Considering how beautifully unusual they are, these plants are growing a big community because succulents are probably the easiest type of houseplants to keep happy. Nowadays I see they are sold not only at large botanical stores, but also at the local flower shops, home appliances stores and even online websites.

When you begin to collect succulents, it should be easy the find many species around your city. Or, you could just ask if your friends have cuttings from their succulents and get new growths from the cuttings. Since some of the flowering types were already quite popular years ago, they can be found where there are basic options.

If you are wanting to expand your little succulent collection, try new and rare species and make creative arrangements out of different types; then maybe it is more difficult to find them in physical stores. But, God bless the Internet, right?

You can find so many websites that are shipping succulent plants right up to your doorstep in addition to Amazon and Etsy. So I have made a list of some top online stores for you to chose, and explained the details you have to consider while buying succulents online.

Let’s start with a few points you should be regarding before you order succulents from the internet.

What to Consider While Buying Succulents Online?

It is important that your experience matches your expectations. Cause there is always a risk of disappointment, especially if it is your first time ordering a plant from that online seller. So when it comes to plants, you should give extra attention to the expertise of the seller.

I care the most, of course, whether I purchased a healthy succulent or not. Other then this price-quality ratio, shipping, the variety of options, customer support and offers are some of the top things I consider when I prefer online succulent shopping.

Healthy Succulents

Make sure that the place you order your new plants has a certain expertise. It is important that the succulents are properly propagated, and grown with care. You do not want to pay for a succulent overwatered, infected with bugs or funghi, insufficiently lightened, or sunburnt.

Most of the times the plants are represented with their best pictures. Give attention if you will receive the same succulent in the picture or another root of that species. Check the comments if you are not so sure about it.

Price and Quality of Succulents

Cost of the succulents changes according to the plant size and how rare are they. Rare succulents often cost a lot. But I see a lot of stores use this as an excuse for overpricing.

And sometimes you might receive a low-quality plant, damaged or sick if the price is extremely cheap. Try to keep a balance between the price and quality.

Shipping Methods and Speed

Although shipping is very risky for the plants, there are many solutions to be sure your succulents carried with care. All the precautions must be provided by the seller before they ship your succulents.

A strong and solid packaging which protects the plant from impacts and vibrations is something crucial, even if the cargo is labeled “fragile”. Also, pay attention if the seller is working with a reliable and fast delivering shipping company. Even though the succulents are strong plants, traveling for too long cause them to get exhausted.

Variety of Succulent Species

Some stores have a larger catalog of rare succulents, some of them are focusing on cold hardy succulents, or some others are experts about more tender ones. You should know the place according to which type of species you are looking for.

Customer Service, Returns and Guarantee

Mistakes happen. Your succulents can get damaged, worn out on the transport. Or the shop was not careful enough with the plant. If somehow you did not get what you expected, a good customer service helps a lot. Even most of the times the succulents are guaranteed to be in good conditions, you should check before whether they are excepting returns.

Subscriptions and Offers

Many of these online stores are making larger collections of matching succulent species in more affordable prices. This way is much more reasonable if you are planning to buy more than one.

I like to follow the special offers they make. You can find some good ones around holiday seasons. You also can join their subscriptions and memberships of monthly selected succulents. 

Websites That You Can Purchase Succulents

Mountain Crest Gardens

Mountain Crest Gardens is a place that is continuously recommended by many succulent lovers, maybe the most popular. I found this place via a Google search, back then I didn’t know about the reputation.

They present you a huge selection of different succulent types under 8 categories: Bulk Trays, Indoor, Miniature, Hardy Succulents, Ground Cover, and Rare Finds. Also, you can purchase from the succulent sets they previously made for your arrangements.

Best of it is that, it is always possible to find many great options on sale items. Do not miss the holidays and Black Friday every year. However, unfortunately, Mountain Crest Gardens is not shipping worldwide. So you can only order from the United States.

Leaf & Clay

Leaf & Clay is a great resource to buy succulents online. They have such an extensive collection of succulents even with the rare species. I find it so much interesting that they get really creative with the succulent sets, such as “Awesome Echeveria Pack”, “Everything Pack”, “Pastel Party Pack”, “Weirdo Pack”…

If you subscribe The Mail Club of Leaf & Clay, you get to receive a three-pack succulent monthly, on a 3 months or 6 months basis.

Plus, they are super careful about the cargo package and even they add a cold protective pack in winters, for ensuring you get a perfect succulent. Make sure you take a look at their minimalist and elegant pots too.

Lula’s Garden

Lula’s Garden welcomes you with a minimal but very pretty website, where you can find box gardens that are beautiful succulents planted in. Their hand-picked succulent plants which are grown with care make an amazing gift in the thoughtfully designed boxes.

The good thing is, the succulents are able to live for months inside their original Lula’s Garden Boxes. With the box, you will receive a care kit and a guide too. 

I also love that you can buy Lula’s Garden boxes on Amazon, so you can benefit from the trusted service that Amazon provides.

The Succulent Source

The Succulent Source is a huge succulent nursery owned by a family of 7. This store is famous for its options of bulky succulents together with very delicate wedding favors.

If you are searching for the great Aloes and Agaves, that is the place for you. Their high quality will fulfill your expectations for sure. In addition to their large catalog, you can also find many leaves and cuttings to use with wedding bouquets, home decor or living walls.


Amazon is here in the list surely. In fact, I personally use Amazon, as several sellers have great quality succulents, and you benefit from good prices and fast shipping with Amazon. For the succulents you can find numerous options; succulent collections, arrangements, pots, fertilizers, soilsand more. It is great that everything you might need is already there.

Reviews from other customers are helping so much while choosing a seller from Amazon. You can take other people’s experiences into account before you buy any plant from there.

The best part of an Amazon purchase is, of course, the free shipping. Sometimes it is unbelievable how you get the order in one or two days. So this lowers the chance that the succulent withers on the way.


On Etsy, I find lots of great options for succulent shopping. But especially “Succulent Beauties” and “Succulent Babies” are recommended because of the really good selection they make. You can tell that by looking at their customer reviews which are highly successful.

Either on Amazon or Etsy, try to hunt for reputable shops, that have a lot of sales and positive comments.

Planet Desert

Planet Desert is a family owned nursery that is devoted itself to cacti and succulents. They grow a vast variety of desert plants and sell more than a thousand items. It is really impressive how they can collect all the extra rare species in one place.

And the good news; I found out they are planning a service for the international shipping soon.

Even though the succulent plants are easy to find many places all around, maybe you live where the local flower shops do not sell the new succulent species you want to get. Or maybe you are seeking creative and inspirational sets for your arrangements.

Since lately, people reach online for literally everything, with a quick search there are limitless options for you to order succulents right up to your house. I hope this list I made will help you to choose which one to go with. Enjoy!

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