20 Most Popular Types of Succulents

Succulent-lovers are growing in numbers each day. I realize more and more people go for the succulent plants instead of time-consuming, needy houseplants. But I can totally see why everybody is so obsessed with these green goodies.

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Succulents look beautiful and classy without requiring much time or effort. I think they add a unique character instantly wherever they are placed. Plus, they can be multiplied very easily, so you could have as many plants as you wish without purchasing any more.

In these days, you can find numerous types of these exotic plants in flower shops and online. For that reason, I wanted to make things a little easier for you. And I created this list of the most popular succulent types. Before we dive into the number one; let’s start with some preliminary information.

What is a Succulent?

Although they are becoming quite common among the plant addicts, many people still do not know anything about the succulents. To give a brief definition of what they are, I can say a succulent plant is the type of a plant with juicy leaves that store water inside.

Succulent plants, or what we refer as “succulents” shortly, are very resilient types of plants that can survive in extreme climates by their nature. That means they are hardy for hot and arid weather conditions. Actually, the succulents are recently carried out to our lives from areas like deserts and steppes.

Why the Succulents are so Popular?

Eighter you have them in decorative indoor pots or in the outdoor gardens, succulent plants are the new trend of contemporary houses. As a matter of fact, there are many reasons why they are so popular. Though I think, the top reason is that the succulents look very interesting and different from the conventional houseplants.

Another reason for a lot of young people are attracted to succulents, is because these resilient plants are easy to take care and hard to kill. You do not have to spend too much time or money to keep a succulent happy. It is understandable that they are taking over from the pets in our busy lives. 

How to Care for a Succulent?

Even though you have a limited knowledge about growing plants, succulents don’t require much of a care. You can find out all you need to know from my post on “How to Care for Succulents Indoors”.

First, you should plant your succulent in a pot with drainage holes, using a special succulent soil. Then give a good amount of water to the soil. After that, your succulent plant won’t need another watering for a long time, because it uses the stored water from its body.

Be sure that your succulent is placed somewhere it gets a lot of Sun. Lack of sunlight causes the plant to get pale and wither.

20 Popular Succulent Types

Echeveria Elegans

Echeveria types are probably the most common succulent genus, containing a vast diversity of species and their hybrids. Echeveria elegans is an evergreen decorative succulent that forms in a tight rosette. This small plant is the best for rock gardens and also for indoor succulent collections.

Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg

Native to Mexican deserts, this other popular kind of Echeverias add a color to the succulent arrangements. Because it is differentiated from other Echeveria types by its pointy leaves with purple/pink highlights. In addition, these small succulents bloom in coral pink annually.

Haworthia ‘Zebra Plant’

Haworthia Fasciata and Haworthia Atennuata are very popular types of South African succulent plants. Dark green, thick and long leaves are covered all over with the horizontal white stripes, make the plant look like a zebra. Zebra plants propagate themselves by giving offsets, so they spread over very quickly.

Crassula Ovata ‘Jade Plant’

Jade Plant is a succulent with small oval leaves growing from the tree-like woody stem. It takes its name from the jade color of the leaves. But the main reason why these succulents have always been a hit is that they are believed to bring luck and money. For this reason, Crassula Ovata is called with many names like Lucky plant, Money plant or Money tree. 

Aloe Vera

In fact, Aloe Veras are largely recognized for their medical and cosmetic use. The sap inside aloe vera leaves is healing for scars, burns and acne. However, many still don’t know that they are a type of succulent plants. They originate from the Arabic peninsula, but they are also grown very easily indoors.

Aloe Aristata ‘Lace Aloe’

Also known as Torch Plant, this type of aloe is very common among the outdoor succulents. Stemless clump of toothed leaves is covered with white spots. Lace Aloe is hardier than other Aloe species, nevertheless, move them indoors during the harsh winters.


Agaves are generally known as large desert succulent plants that grow around America and Mexico. They are seen at outdoor gardens usually. Most common species are Agave americana, Agave attenuata, and Agave tequilana. 

Kalanchoe Tomentosa ‘Panda Plant’

Panda Plants are really cute small growing succulents. They are very popular container plants because of their fleshy and fuzzy leaves with a dark brown stain on the edges. This plant does not give flowers as often as other succulent plants, but it stands out by its own. 

Burro’s Tail ‘Sedum Morganianum’

Sedum Morganinum, or Burro’s tail in other words, is a great type of Sedums for hanging pots. Fat and green leaves sometimes turn into a blue or grey chalky color. Be aware, it is possible that they can grow out of their pots sometimes.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana ‘Flaming Katy’

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana is one of the most popular flowering houseplants. And yes, they are a type of succulent plants. They will thrive with lots of sunshine and like occasional watering. Flowers of Flaming Katy differs in warm colors like yellow, orange and red.

Crassula Rupestris ‘Baby’s Necklace’

This weird little succulent is very loved because of its unique form. Tiny leaves of the plant are aligned through the stem just like beads of a necklace. Crassula Rupestris is also known by many other names such as Worm plant, Chinese jade, or Jade necklace vine.

Senecio Radicans ‘String of Bananas’

Senecio Radicans is a succulent originated from Cape Town. It is another hanging succulent, special for its long tendrils growing a line of leaves in the shape of bananas. It produces little white flowers every year in summer, but it also makes a great winter plant for indoors.

Senecio Rowleyanus ‘String of Pearls’

Another species of Senecios, Senecio Rowleyanus makes the perfect plant for a hanging planter. Different from the String of bananas, this Senecio has multiple lines of leaves looking like little green peas. You should remember to protect them from the direct sunlight, unlike many other succulents.

Senecio Haworthii ‘Cacoon Plant’ or ‘Woolly Senecio’

Woolly Senecio is one of the most attractive succulent plants for sure. The plant itself is striking thanks to its icy blue/grey leaves covered with short hairs. It originally grows in South African mountains. And it definitely looks so flashy in your house, as it is among the dark green bushes of Africa.

Schlumbergera Buckleyi ‘Christmas Cactus’

Schlumbergera is a genus for cactus including only a few species. The most beloved kind of them is commonly called Christmas cactus or Thanksgiving cactus since this species makes a great holiday gift. And the best of it all, pink flowers are ready to show up more than only once a year, if encouraged.

Sempervivums ‘Hens and Chicks’

Sempervivums are the best ground covering succulents for your gardens. They are hardy for tough condition and probably survive any weather conditions. That is why they are called Sempervivum, which means “always living” in Latin. They are commonly known as Hens and Chicks because these species are multiplying very fast and easy.

Euphorbia Milii ‘Crown of Thornes’

Euphorbia Milii (crown of thornsChrist plant, or Christ thorn) is one of the best flowering succulents surely. This kind is an evergreen shrub with many tiny flowers growing in clusters. They are great for decorative pots, and also for rock gardens, beds and borders.

Mammillaria Crinita ‘Pincuscion Cactus’

Most cacti are considered as a succulent plant because they store water inside their stem. Indeed, Pincushion cactus has a fat and juicy body, covered by a surface of dense spines. Mammillaria genus consists numerous species of cacti and all of them are really common.

Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Snake Plant’

Snake Plants are very trendy all the time, especially for large pots decorating our homes. They are known as the snake plantmother-in-law’s tongue, and viper’s bowstring hemp. Dark and light green patterned leaves sometimes reach up to 2 meters.

Sedum ‘Stonecrop’

Sedums are definitely irresistible with more than a hundred species. They are easy to grow and hardy for the winter season, so they are popular as outdoor succulents,no wonder why. Some well-known species are Sedum acre, Sedum album, Sedum dasyphyllum, Sedum reflexum.

All these popular species of succulents share a common point; we love them because they are easily beautiful with minimal effort. That means you do not have to be a botanical expert to care for succulents indoors or outdoors. Hopefully, this list will be helpful for whoever is enthusiastic about succulents.

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